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Demand is Up!

I am committed to supplying you, my customers the cuts you want, when you want them. But recently there has been a tremendous increase in orders (partly due to the success of Food, Inc. and FRESH! ) and I have not been able to increase my supply of beef in a short time. I do “buffer” my supply in storage freezers, but until my next butchering date (December 10) my buffer is seriously depleted.

So some of my customers have started planning ahead and ordering in advance in quantities that will last months. I realize this is not how most of us are used to buying food—I am a last-minute shopper, myself. But ordering in advance sure helps your local neighborhood farmer to plan.

I have thought about offering a subscription or “CSA” option whereby a customer can subscribe to a monthly delivery of assorted cuts. I’ve always felt that CSAs limit the consumer’s choice too much. But I’d love to hear your opinion. Would you prefer to give up choice in exchange for a guaranteed, steady supply?

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Here is a great video by our friend Chef John Mitzewich about cooking grass-fed ribeye steaks. What I love about this is that it works for NY strip, sirloin, and tenderloin too.

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pirogbrosOur friends Steve & Gene Pirog just took the leap into the computer age and put up a web site about their farm. We got to know them when we were looking to buy calves earlier this year. We definitely liked what we saw, and we bought several. Believe me, not everyone we visited had farming philosophies that resonated with us (even one with “grass-fed” in their name). Steve & Gene really care about what nature intended both cattle and humans to eat, and they feed no grain.

They are only an hour and a quarter out of New York City. If you live there and you’re looking for 100% grass-fed beef (like ours), check them out.

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I just unloaded the last of the hay we’ll need for the winter. This is certified organic hay from Kori Stay of Richville, New York. Not great for our carbon footprint this year, but considering all factors including price and quality, Kori has the best product for us. Eventually, our management system should improve our own pastures enough to let us graze directly through most of the winter, reducing our costs, our use of hay and of fossil fuels.

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Times OP-ED

cow_planetInteresting OP-ED piece in the New York Times yesterday. The cows-are-worse-than-cars proposition has really caught fire because it appeals both to vegetarians and to conservatives. I am biased, of course. I think the author of the piece did not emphasize strongly enough how much damage to the planet is done by tilling the soil. Mob-grazing cows on pasture is the fastest, lowest cost, earth-friendliest way to undo the damage. The meat produced is just a bonus.

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