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Happy New Year

We would like to wish all our customers a very happy New Year. Thank you for all your support in 2010, and a big thank-you to our staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this year a huge success! Left to right: Steve Normanton, Peter Allen, Matt Laderoute, Sara Maxwell, and Derek Gotham. Missing: Omar Khudari, Brad Miller, Bob Scarchilli, Marty Michener, and Gus Ingram

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Today was graduation day for a batch of six-week-old chicks. We moved them out of the brooding house and into the long greenhouse where they will spend the rest of the winter. They have plenty of straw and hay for bedding, plus some heat lamps for warmth. In the spring, they should start laying just as the weather gets warm enough to bring them out to the pasture.

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Keeping it Clean

The NRCS has given us a grant to install a culvert where our farm road crosses a seasonal stream to help us keep the livestock out of the stream. We are also beefing up our fencing along the stream. This is a shot of one of Kevin Sweeney’s guys putting on the finishing touches.

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Dinner is Served

Here is a photo by Charles Yeamans of some Steve Normanton Pastured Pork ready for the dinner table. I want that recipe!

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