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Expanding the Herd

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We have wanted for a long time to expand our herd so that it is big enough to produce all our own calves. The main problem has been a lack of land to support an expanded herd, but since we gained access to more land this summer, we have recently been looking for the right breeding stock. We found it last week at the farm of Eric and Hannah Noël in Highgate, Vermont. We are very excited to be bringing home 35 beautiful Galloway breeding cows and two bulls. This is a great foundation for our genetics, and a great first step on the way to becoming self-sufficient.

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Pastoral Chickens

I was walking down to the lower field the other day, when I came upon this view of our broiler chickens foraging. Sometimes it is hard to explain why our pastured broilers taste so much better (and are so much better for you) than supermarket chicken. It struck me that the sight of them roaming around, looking for bugs and eating grass says it all. So I took a video.

And just by way of comparison, here is what a supermarket chicken’s home looks like:

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