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Local artist Kate ODell sent us these images of watercolors she painted of a couple of our cows. Check out these and other paintings by Kate on her web site: http://realsmallart.bigcartel.com/ The original paintings are available for sale, as well as reproductions as note cards. Very nice!

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Meet Brian

Here at the farm, we know Brian Templeton as the spiritual, mild- mannered family man who drives a pickup and wrangles our cows. But that is only the Clark Kent side of Brian. There is a Superman side, too. At night, when the time is right, Brian ditches his muck boots and overalls, he grabs a microphone and a harmonica, and he tears up the stage as the leader of a globe-trotting blues band. Brian is known literally all over the world for his energetic, audience-thrilling performances as well as his first-rate songwriting and musicianship. On top of all that, Brian is the founder and President of Blind Lemon Aid, a non-profit organization that raises money to benefit the homeless and underprivileged. It’s enough to make the rest of us cowboys scratch our heads, spit in the dirt, and wonder what we are doing in all our spare time!

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It has been said that farming is 2% farming and 98% fixing stuff that’s broken. Which is why it is so great to have Dan Parish working at the farm. Dan can fix anything. Plus, he plays a mean flamenco guitar. On top of that, he is a poet and lover of philosophy. So while he is fixing things, Dan keeps us cultured and helps us seek after truth.

Here is a poem Dan wrote for Poem in your Pocket Day:

As I graze upon the heath,
feeling fertile ground beneath,
I ruminate on nature’s store,
regurgitate and chew some more,
to finally leave a string of beads,
that urge the growth of future seeds.

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This weekend we had a visit from the sixth grade Environmental Science class of the Roxbury Latin School in Boston.  For weeks, the boys have been studying different ways in which humans have interacted with nature, now focusing on the production of food. They have studied and debated source materials from 19th century native American literature to the documentary Food Inc. The trip to our farm was the culminating experience for the boys, and after touring the farm and helping with some chores, they ended with a cook off between supermarket hamburger and our grass-fed hamburger.

Needless to say, our hamburger won hands down!

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Happy New Year

We would like to wish all our customers a very happy New Year. Thank you for all your support in 2010, and a big thank-you to our staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this year a huge success! Left to right: Steve Normanton, Peter Allen, Matt Laderoute, Sara Maxwell, and Derek Gotham. Missing: Omar Khudari, Brad Miller, Bob Scarchilli, Marty Michener, and Gus Ingram

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Dinner is Served

Here is a photo by Charles Yeamans of some Steve Normanton Pastured Pork ready for the dinner table. I want that recipe!

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We just had a nice visit from Dr. Marty Michener, botanist and ornithologist extraordinaire. Dr. Michener is interested in how our mob grazing system affects the plants and the soil on our farm. He took a bunch of soil samples and did a base-line inventory of the plant species in the pasture. He found 17 species in all—what’s more he knows all their names! He will come back later to measure again and see what changes happen. It is very exciting to have scientific feedback to support our management decisions.

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