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This animated short (sponsored by Chipotle) has gone viral on YouTube. Its anti-industrial-farming message is generating a lot of discussion, but the film is worth watching for the beautiful art direction and music alone. The studio that made the film—Moonbot—is not terribly generous about giving credit to all those who contributed (other than the directors Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian), but it appears that the Art Director was Joe Bluhm.

One small quibble: I realize “All Natural” is fairly meaningless as a marketing claim, but I’m pretty sure you can’t inject chickens with things that plump them up and call that “All Natural.” Just saying.

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Jamie Oliver is the British chef who overhauled his own country’s school lunch program. His latest project—reforming the American diet—is the subject of a new documentary series that premiers Friday on ABC. If you are looking at our web site, thinking of buying some grass-fed beef, you are probably not among those who really need to see Jamie’s show. But it makes for riveting television. In the pilot (which will be repeated on Friday), Jamie swaggers into Huntington, West Virginia expecting to be embraced as a savior. Instead, the lunch ladies at the local elementary school knock him back on his heels.

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