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Road Work

RoadWorkIf you have visited the farm at all since March, you probably went straight from there to the car wash. Our driveway and parking area have been an absolute mud pit since the ground thawed. You will be happy to know that we are finally fixing it, starting this Saturday, June 22 and hopefully ending by Tuesday, June 25. The farm store will be inaccessible while the work is being done. Unless you are desperate. In which case, you could probably park across the street at the Griffen Memorial School and make a dash through the traffic and the construction site. But remember, there is no parking along Charles Bancroft Highway on either side (it is a state highway).

P.S. If the construction goes longer than planned (has that ever happened?), we will make other arrangements for the CSA pick-up on Tuesday—like Steve’s garage. But we are optimistic—otherwise we wouldn’t be farming!

P.P.S. Our apologies to all the car washes in the area for all the business they won’t be getting any more.

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