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It has been said that farming is 2% farming and 98% fixing stuff that’s broken. Which is why it is so great to have Dan Parish working at the farm. Dan can fix anything. Plus, he plays a mean flamenco guitar. On top of that, he is a poet and lover of philosophy. So while he is fixing things, Dan keeps us cultured and helps us seek after truth.

Here is a poem Dan wrote for Poem in your Pocket Day:

As I graze upon the heath,
feeling fertile ground beneath,
I ruminate on nature’s store,
regurgitate and chew some more,
to finally leave a string of beads,
that urge the growth of future seeds.

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We thought our egg washing machine was the coolest—until we found this baby on Craigslist. This is an antique Egomatic egg candling and sorting machine. We will use it to “grade” our eggs (required in New Hampshire for selling eggs through off-farm stores). The Egomatic is supposed to be a labor-saving device. But so far, it is not saving us any time. Whenever we turn it on, there are always four or five people standing around watching it work. So, there are a few kinks to work out…

Many thanks to my sister Nura and her husband Jack for driving across New Jersey to pick it up. And many thanks as well to Dan Parish for putting it back together after Steve and I took it apart to repaint it and, um, forgot to take adequate notes (doh!).

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