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Fresh Bacon

I just got Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking for my birthday. I’m reading through the definitions at the beginning, and under “bacon” it says

The kind of bacon used in French recipes is fresh, unsalted, and unsmoked… As this is difficult to find in America, we have specified smoked bacon… It is always blanched in simmering water to remove its smoky taste. If this were not done, the whole dish would taste of bacon.

I’m thinking, hey! That’s our bacon! We have 30 pounds of fresh bacon in our freezer! Maybe we should go after the francophile market.¬†Boeuf Bourguignon anyone? No need to blanch the smoky taste out of your bacon any more. Just buy your bacon from us. We will be labeling it “lard de poitrine frais” from now on.

But seriously, we have been going back and forth about the question of whether to have our bacon smoked or cured or neither this year. We are not sure what customers would prefer. So if you have an opinion, please let us know! And keep an eye out for our next newsletter soon. It will be about pork ordering for the fall.

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