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NemoI was just getting ready to post a note about the upcoming Granite State Graziers 7th Annual Grazing Conference this weekend in Manchester—Steve will be presenting again this year. But now I’m not sure. The folks at the Weather Channel have convinced me that “The Big One” is going to arrive Friday night. Jim Cantore is about to hop a plane to Boston, and he is bringing his yardstick with him. He says no-one should be on the road past noon on Friday. Here’s an idea: get snowed in at the conference, and let the spouse handle the shoveling back home.

Update February 7, 2013: Sure enough, the conference has been postponed. I will post the rescheduling information when I get it.

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Jerry Brunetti

Steve and I attended the 5th annual Granite State Graziers Conference this weekend. We came back inspired, invigorated, and overwhelmed with all the ideas. After hearing Jerry Brunetti talk about biodiversity, I think I am finally ready to start drinking the same Kool-Aid Steve has been drinking about the value of weeds. In fact, I’m feeling a bit sheepish about the hours I spent on the tractor last summer mowing the weeds to try to stimulate a little bit of grass growth. (Prompted by my sister’s snide remark: “Grass fed? So where’s the grass?”) I’m also looking at our precious open space and thinking maybe a couple of hedgerows would actually improve it.

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