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Farm sign

It used to be, you really had to look hard to find us. Countless frustrated UPS drivers have given up after searching door to door, and who knows how many potential customers we have lost.  Today we put up a sign by the road that we hope will fix all that.

The sign is just in time for an event we are hosting on Tuesday, July 16th, from 6-8pm. It’s a pasture walk, it’s sponsored by NOFA-NH and Granite State Graziers, and it is open to the public. Steve will give a tour of the farm, and he will explain how he builds fertility in the soil, treats the animals humanely, and produces healthy food. So if you are curious about how sustainable farming might work, what are you waiting for… a sign? Here it is! Come check it out!

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NemoI was just getting ready to post a note about the upcoming Granite State Graziers 7th Annual Grazing Conference this weekend in Manchester—Steve will be presenting again this year. But now I’m not sure. The folks at the Weather Channel have convinced me that “The Big One” is going to arrive Friday night. Jim Cantore is about to hop a plane to Boston, and he is bringing his yardstick with him. He says no-one should be on the road past noon on Friday. Here’s an idea: get snowed in at the conference, and let the spouse handle the shoveling back home.

Update February 7, 2013: Sure enough, the conference has been postponed. I will post the rescheduling information when I get it.

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We had the great honor of hosting a grazing seminar by Jim Gerrish last weekend. We converted Steve’s garage into a little classroom, where Jim unloaded his grazing wisdom on us for two exhausting and exhilarating days. Of course, we also toured our pastures, where we had a chance to implement some of the skills and techniques we were learning. I have been to a lot of grazing seminars, pasture walks and lectures, and I can say without the slightest hesitation that Jim’s was by far my favorite. Most academics I have met from the Monsanto-funded land-grant universities roll their eyes at the idea of grass-finishing beef. Jim was a professor for 20 years at the University of Missouri, so he can cite scientific research with the best. AND he is a big advocate of grass-finishing.

Thank-you to the Granite State Graziers for producing the event and to the NRCS for providing the grant that paid for it. Also, thank-you to Craig Fournier, Doug Hamm, and Denise Fournier for setting a very high bar with the catering!

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