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While the world waits for the day when “the wolf and the lamb shall graze together” (Isaiah 65:25), our lambs are busy grazing with the chickens. The lambs are here to address a problem we have had with the chickens for years. Pastured chickens do best on grass that is not too tall, so we are always looking for ways to trim the pasture in front of them. In the past, we have tried trimming the pasture by grazing cattle. But our herd of 160-odd cattle are not the ideal group for the job. You really want to move cattle on and off a piece of land quickly, while the chicken houses are inching along very slowly. After cattle graze, the grass is a good height for few days, but then it grows back and meanwhile the cattle are miles away.

It turns out, a small flock of sheep is just right for the job. Steve and I are huge fans of lamb, so a freezer full of tender local lamb will be a welcome side-effect of this experiment. We have not advertised the lamb at all, so we have several extras still available. The price will be $8 per pound hanging weight. If you are interested, shoot Steve an email, or give him a call!

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