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Murphy’s Law

Steve left last Friday for a vacation in Puerto Rico. But not to worry. We know how to handle whatever happens in his absence, right? Wrong! The SECOND DAY of Steve’s vacation, the roof blew off the greenhouse, where all our laying hens and ready-to-lay pullets are sheltered for the winter. It turns out, these plastic covers are only good for 4 years. After that, the sun has made them brittle and they need to be replaced. Who knew? Not me!

I finally found the right sheet of plastic on Tuesday—just in time, because snow was forecast for Wednesday. The first instruction for installing the roof says to do it when there is NO WIND. Unfortunately, that was not an option, so we skipped to step 2. I had the bright idea of tying some cement blocks to the edges to help hold them down. Now picture a 100 foot long by 36 foot wide sail in a stiff breeze. That thing really wanted to flap like a flag—and so it did. Just as if there were no cement blocks or grown men holding on to it. We found some really choice words to describe our feelings for Steve. Did I mention he was in Puerto Rico?

Anyway, it ended well with no injuries. A huge thank-you to Brian, Craig, Patrick, Sandro, Jimi, Kevin, Frank, Jam, and D.J. who helped throughout the day.

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