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I posted earlier about visiting Greg Judy’s farm. Greg’s pastures are so dense, he claims that his cattle will graze even through two feet of snow.

Recently, I was excited to see a bit of snow-grazing on my own place. I have a small amount of stockpiled pasture where the forage was pretty thick before the snow came. When I gave the cows access to this spot with a normal day’s ration of dry hay and high-moisture hay, they bypassed the hay and went straight for the grass through the snow. It was a nice validation that I’m on the right track with Greg’s holistic grazing management concept.

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Yes, we are farming nerds. Omar and I just attended a grazing class in Missouri taught by master graziers Greg Judy and Ian Mitchell Innes.

For our fellow nerds: the question is how to get the most profit out of an acre of pasture. The Management Intensive Grazing (or “MIG”) school of thought is to graze just when the grass is about to mature. Since grass grows quickly in the spring (more…)

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