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We had the great honor of hosting a grazing seminar by Jim Gerrish last weekend. We converted Steve’s garage into a little classroom, where Jim unloaded his grazing wisdom on us for two exhausting and exhilarating days. Of course, we also toured our pastures, where we had a chance to implement some of the skills and techniques we were learning. I have been to a lot of grazing seminars, pasture walks and lectures, and I can say without the slightest hesitation that Jim’s was by far my favorite. Most academics I have met from the Monsanto-funded land-grant universities roll their eyes at the idea of grass-finishing beef. Jim was a professor for 20 years at the University of Missouri, so he can cite scientific research with the best. AND he is a big advocate of grass-finishing.

Thank-you to the Granite State Graziers for producing the event and to the NRCS for providing the grant that paid for it. Also, thank-you to Craig Fournier, Doug Hamm, and Denise Fournier for setting a very high bar with the catering!

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