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The National Organic Standards Board is reviewing requirements for livestock living conditions. They are thinking about requiring organic livestock (including  beef cattle, dairy cattle and poultry) to be given access to pasture during the growing season.

Many consumers are not even aware that “organic” livestock are not already required to live outside on pasture in the summertime.

Many organic producers (especially poultry producers) are concerned that such a radical change in the standard will destroy the businesses they have struggled so many years to build.

The problem is that our labeling system is outdated. We have one catch-all standard, “organic,” that is pulled in different directions by different interest groups. The French are thirty years ahead of us in standards. They now have four major labeling programs that complement each other, reducing consumer confusion and allowing each producer to find its place on a spectrum of philosophies.

I think we should follow the French example. It is time we added a second label with teeth like the French “Label Rouge.” I’d love to hear what you think.

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