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After a great family vacation to Puerto Rico, I was pleasantly surprised to get back to New Hampshire and find that everything went so smoothly while I was gone. Omar seems a bit jumpy every time there is a puff of breeze, I’m not sure why. Come to think of it, the laying hens are, too. Other than that, the farm is in great shape.

Speaking of layers, our pullets have started to lay. So we have plenty of pullet eggs. Pullet eggs are just as nutritious and delicious as regular eggs, only about half the size. (The official term in the egg business is “pee-wee” eggs.) If you are interested, we are offering pee-wee eggs while they last for $1.50 per dozen.

And speaking of eggs, look who made the front page of the Union-Leader today!

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Meet Patrick

Patrick Fournier is a freshman at Alvirne High School in Hudson. About a month ago he approached me about working part time at the farm. He now collects eggs, he waters and feeds the laying flock, and he uses his own ATV and trailer to take feed out to the broiler chickens and pigs, avoiding the compaction of the soils from heavier vehicles. What’s more, he also monitors and records the weather from a little weather station he and his Dad set up. I hope you will join me in welcoming Patrick to the farm, next time you stop by to see us.

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