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We have just been down to Montgomery, New York to visit our friends, Steve and Gene Pirog at Bettinger Bluff Farm. We went to check out their operation, and as usual we were impressed with what we saw.

Advance orders have now reserved all of our own supply of beef for 2010—I did not even reserve a supply for myself! So for my benefit, and for the benefit of some of our customers who are in the same boat as me, we have arranged to buy a few market-ready steers from the Pirogs. We will bring the steers to New Hampshire in December and have them processed at our facility for pickup just before Christmas.

So if you are like me—interested in buying beef for this year and haven’t placed your order yet—we can still accommodate you. Please let us know as soon as possible.

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pirogbrosOur friends Steve & Gene Pirog just took the leap into the computer age and put up a web site about their farm. We got to know them when we were looking to buy calves earlier this year. We definitely liked what we saw, and we bought several. Believe me, not everyone we visited had farming philosophies that resonated with us (even one with “grass-fed” in their name). Steve & Gene really care about what nature intended both cattle and humans to eat, and they feed no grain.

They are only an hour and a quarter out of New York City. If you live there and you’re looking for 100% grass-fed beef (like ours), check them out.

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