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Temple Grandin signs one of her books for Patrick

Steve, Craig, Patrick and I all went to hear Dr. Temple Grandin give a talk about animal handling yesterday. In case you have not heard of Dr. Grandin despite her television appearances, articles, and the HBO movie about her life—Dr. Grandin is the scientist who revolutionized the livestock handling field through her unique insights into the animal mind.

Even though we have already read her books, we were all blown away by her talk. I was especially intrigued by her rant against what she calls “abstractification” of regulations. Her work really is all about concrete and practical solutions to problems. Very inspiring.

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We finally have finished building our corral using one of the designs published by Dr. Temple Grandin. As you can see from the video, the cows move quite calmly through the corral, with no yelling on our part and zero cattle prods. This is thanks to the genius of Dr. Grandin, who has revolutionized the science of cattle handling with her insights into the bovine mind.

Having a corral makes it much easier to weigh the cattle, to divide them into groups, to load them onto the stock trailer, to inspect them, and to administer veterinary care. It even makes for easy handling of the pigs! Now that we have it, I wonder how we ran the place without it.

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Temple Grandin Film

This Saturday, February 6, HBO will premier a new film about the legendary animal behavior scientist, Temple Grandin. If my cattle could talk, they would urge you all to watch since they have been the personal beneficiaries of Dr. Grandin’s life work—humane methods of handling cattle. If this sounds incredibly dry to you, just trust me: you will be pleasantly surprised. This is an amazing story about a truly remarkable woman.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am in the middle of building a corral using one of Dr. Grandin’s designs (which are published free on her website for all to use, by the way). I am currently searching for used conveyor belts with which to cover the walls of the corral. My local gravel pit is fresh out. If anybody knows of a source, please let me know. Just don’t call on Saturday between 8 and 10PM—I’ll be glued to the TV!

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We went from 70 degrees to snow on the ground in just forty eight hours. Change sure is a constant part of life. The snow put a stop to my work building a corral with a Temple Grandin design (more about that in a later post).

‘Tis now the season for sitting in the barn office working on spreadsheets. I would prefer not to be inside. As my customers, you might agree—especially when my spreadsheeting results in a price increase. The good news is that the increase will be small (nothing like the recent temperature swings). The even better news is that you can lock in 2009 prices by ordering before January 1—even for advance orders that will be delivered after the New Year.

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